All For a Hat, Rewatching Old Favourites, and My First Christmas Away From Home

All For a Hat

A month ago I lost my favourite hat. I know it’s just a hat, but when I realised I had left it on a coach, I was quite heartbroken. I place a lot of sentimentality on certain things, I just can’t seem to help it. Whether it’s the necklace my dad bought me in Orkney which I’ve worn every day since, the lucky bracelet I bought in China in 2011 which I’ve worn to every exam I’ve taken since, or the hoodie with thumb-holes which I wore until my mum threatened to burn it (it did get pretty grubby after about 5 years of wear and tear…) I have always become very attached to certain things, and this hat was one of them.

I remember being in Aviemore at the age of thirteen, and being set free with my cousin to spend our pocket money. I went into Fatface of all places, and found this hot pink hat which I instantly fell in love with and bought. So after all these years, losing it was pretty damn upsetting. However, if you know me you will know I don’t give up on things very easily. So of course I decided I should travel to the other side of Beijing to get my beloved old pink hat back. A very kind friend and I got on the subway (at peak time, too) and ventured across Beijing, then walked for about half an hour asking multiple passersby how to get to a random petrol station, to then find the bus driver who had found my hat. It took a while to get there, but once I got it back I may have skipped with joy. That is until my friend promptly told me to stop because it was “traumatising.” Thanks Becky… 😉 It may sound quite silly, going to all that length for a hat, but I have no doubt in my mind that it was worth it!

Rewatching Old Favourites

I began rewatching Supernatural a couple weeks ago (that is after I rewatched Dollhouse season 1&2, Dr Horrible’s Sing-a-long BlogAgents of Shield S1-3, and Agent Carter S1&2…) and I forgot just how much I loved it. My favourite character undoubtedly being Bobby Singer, and only partially because he reminds me of my dad. He has some of the best lines, from “Do I look like a ditchable prom date to you?” to “Kids ain’t supposed to be grateful. They’re supposed to eat your food and break your heart…” My favourite likely being “Family don’t end with blood, boy!” Many things from different TV shows have had messages that have resonated with me, and that was one of them. That biology isn’t the be-all and end-all to family, that the bonds you forge are just as important, that’s something I quite strongly believe in. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family so much, but I know I’m very lucky to have such kind and loving people to call relatives. I mean the ‘family’ that comes together in Supernatural is pretty sad seeing as most characters in the show die. Like a strange cross between the graphic nature of Game of Thrones and the deaths and resurrections of Buffy the Vampire Slayer… No spoilers but if you haven’t watched it and you want to, be prepared to have your heart repeatedly pulverised. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! It is great though. If you like scary stories, famous cameos, and an interesting balance of comedy with terror and other sad feels, it’s the show for you! I was quite surprised at the amount of Whedonverse actors that appear in the show though. Amy Acker, Felicia Day, Mercedes McNab, James Marsters, Charisma Carpenter, Julie Benz, Amber Benson, and Jewel Staite have all been in the show at some point, which is pretty cool. As I go along they keep popping up which I find quite cool how you get so many famous actors appearing just for an episode cameo!

My First Christmas Away From Home

It’s the second of December now, and I’m starting to realise just how not like Christmas it feels. At this point my mum has usually had the real Christmas tree vs fake Christmas tree debate with my dad; “I like the pine smell!” – “But we’ll have to hoover like twice a day!” In any case the decorations would be down from the loft, and the dogs would be getting overly excited about the ridiculous amounts of circling round the tree to get the lights on in the right place. Whereas here, it just feels like yet another cold day going by. I did however get a Christmas parcel from my parents which was such a boost. Filled with chocolate, warm socks, and a new set of pajamas that I was very excited to get. I miss the proper part of Christmas though, spending time with all my family. Just everyone together, catching up, eating the best food ever… Especially now I’m getting older I think I miss it more, just spending time with family. I know them all better now, and can have proper conversations with them, you know, other than “what did Santa bring you for Christmas?” and “How are your times tables coming along?” Not that generally being a kid at Christmas isn’t awesome, but I just think I can enjoy it more now that I’m older.

I don’t know what in particular I’ll miss more this year, Christmas morning where I awaken my parents with cups of coffee, and lure them into the living room so we can all open gifts, or Christmas evening where we all snuggle up, eat any chocolate we may have gotten, and watch classic Christmas films like Miracle on 34th Street (the 1947 version, of course) or White Christmas (1954). (Personally I avoid It’s a Wonderful Life cause I think it’s too sad, but that’s just me…) There are lots of things I’ll miss about Christmas this year, but I think just not being there with my family in itself is the hardest part. I just keep thinking it’s not long until I’m home, and we’re going to have “Fake January Christmas” as my dad calls it, but it just feels so far away. In the meantime I have to prepare for exams and work on uni assignments. I guess at least I have something to take my mind off it all! I shouldn’t really complain because it’s only six more weeks till I’m home, but I must admit, it would have been nice to be home for Christmas.


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