So I got a little inspiration from one of my lecturers recently to set myself a reading goal. I’m quite bad about books as I’ve gotten older, as I’ve gotten into the habit of staring a book, getting about a quarter of the way into it or more, and then stopping and starting a different book… No idea why, but it keeps happening. I also keep buying more books even when I haven’t finished reading the pile of ones I already have. Therefore I decided taking a leaf out of their book (pardon the pun), and maybe setting some reading goals myself would be a good idea.

So here it goes, in alphabetical order of author, the 26 books I want to read this year:

  1. Abbott, S. (2005) Reading “angel”: The TV spin-off with a soul. London: I. B.Tauris & Company.
  2. Austen, J. (1992) Northanger abbey. London, United Kingdom: Wordsworth Editions.
  3. Austen, J. (2007) Emma. London: Vintage Classics.
  4. Card, O.S. (2011) Ender’s game. London: Orbit.
  5. Chandler, E. (2013) Everafter: A kissed by an angel novel. London, United Kingdom: Simon & Schuster Childrens Books.
  6. Collin, C. (2012) The psychology book. New York: Dorling Kindersley Publishers.
  7. Dostoyevsky, F. (2015) The meek One. London, United Kingdom: Penguin Classics.
  8. Dostoyevsky, F. (2016) White nights. United Kingdom: Penguin Classics.
  9. Fisher, C. (2016) The Princess Diarist. United Kingdom: Bantam Press.
  10. Fletcher, C.H. (2015) All I know now: Wonderings and reflections on growing up gracefully. United Kingdom: Little, Brown Book Group.
  11. Graham, L. (2016) Talking as fast as I can: From Gilmore girls to Gilmore girls, and everything in between. United Kingdom: Virago Press.
  12. Greene, G. (2004) Ways of escape (vintage classics). London: Vintage Classics.
  13. Hodgson Burnett, F. (2015) A Little Princess. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.
  14. Kendrick, A. (2016) Scrappy little nobody. United Kingdom: Simon & Schuster.
  15. Nietzsche, F. (2016) Why I am so clever. United Kingdom: Penguin Classics.
  16. Nietzsche, F.W. (2015) Aphorisms on love and hate. London, United Kingdom: Penguin Classics.
  17. Paul (2013) The politics book. London: Dorling Kindersley Publishers.
  18. Poe, E.A., Parini, J. and Bernard, A. (2008) The complete poetry of Edgar Allan Poe. New York: Penguin Group (USA).
  19. Rabiger, M. and Hurbis-Cherrier, M. (2012) Directing: Film techniques and aesthetics. 5th edn. Waltham, MA: Taylor & Francis.
  20. Sartre, J.-P. and Mairet, P. (2007) Existentialism and humanism. London: Methuen Publishing.
  21. Sartre, J.-P., Satre, J.-P., Baldick, R. and Wood, J. (2000) Nausea (Penguin modern classics). London: Penguin Books, London.
  22. Stewart, M. (2012) The hollow hills. London: Hodder Paperback.
  23. The history book (2016) United Kingdom: DK.
  24. The sociology book (2015) London, United Kingdom: DK.
  25. Tuohy, A. (2015) A-Z great film directors. London, United Kingdom: Cassell Illustrated.
  26. Whedon, J., Matthews, B., Conrad, W., Martin, L. and Heisler, M. (2006) Serenity volume 1: Those left behind. New York, NY, United States: Dark Horse Comics,U.S.

Maybe I actually put them in a list and publish it on the internet it will force me to actually read them. By my calculations I will have to read at least 2 books a month to complete this goal which isn’t too bad. If I can figure out how to use Goodreads properly I might even see if I can get that to help encourage me, too.

I miss reading, at school I really got into reading for pleasure, but recently I just get into the mindset I don’t have the time, but I do. So here’s to 2017, the year I properly read books again! Shouldn’t be too hard right?


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