My top 5 song of all time probably change daily. Even though they’re supposed to be ‘of all time’, it just depends what mood I’m in, where I am, or what I’m doing…

But I think my top 5 generally can likely be narrowed down to these (in no particular order…) :
Sick of Losing Soulmates ~ dodie
Novels ~ Rusty Clanton (original) or (feat. dodie)
Not Over You (acoustic) ~ Tessa Violet
In The Arms Of A Stranger ~ Mike Posner (Grey Remix)
The Way We Were ~ Carrie Hope Fletcher

Honorable mentions must go to:
Like You Used To ~ Tessa Violet
Drive ~ Oh Wonder (Though I will admit I listen to dodie’s cover more…)
Affected ~ Meghan Tonjes
Never Met You ~ Tom Law (The version feat Tessa Violet)
In The Middle ~ dodie
Impossible Year ~ Panic! At The Disco (Though I do like the dodie & Jack Howard cover)
Cancer ~ Twenty One Pilots
Even If It’s a Lie ~ Matt Maltese (dodie did a cover of this too, btw)
Secret For The Mad ~ dodie

But back to my ‘top 5’…
I have noticed most of my favourites are by YouTubers, which is probably because they’re pretty easy to relate to. I do enjoy music by more famous artists like Ed Sheeran, The Chainsmokers, and P!nk, but I think I probably listen to dodie at the moment more than any other artist. Most of the songs I listed you can find on Spotify, but there’s a few you would probably have to go onto YouTube to find (hence all the links above).

Sick of Losing Soulmates ~ dodie
This song is probably an all time favourite for me because the sentiment of it is just so pure, and it’s such a beautiful song. Dodie did a video to explain exactly what the song is about, so if you want to know more here’s the link. It’s basically a song about losing people you could have spent your life with (as a friend or otherwise) because you’ve broken up with them. It’s reflective, poetic, and honest, and it represents situations I’ve been in where things can’t really be like they were before, but you don’t want to lose this relationship you’ve built. It’s also just a really peaceful song, it’s an easy listen when you’re trying to relax.

Novels ~ Rusty Clanton
It’s a love song, to put it simply. However, it’s a really gentle and warm song, another one you can listen to when relaxing, and I like it because the story it tells is really sweet. It’s about waiting for the person you love, and that “Someday I won’t have to wait for you”, that you’ll just be together and happy, which is pretty cute. The instrumental sections are just so melodic and sorta upliftingly spacey (if that even makes sense). It’s just a really sweet song that makes me smile.

Not Over You (acoustic) ~ Tessa Violet
About an ‘on again – off again’ relationship, it’s a sort of peppy song about two people who are basically a bit of a mess. They love each other, yet they seem to repeatedly break up and get back together. It’s a fun song, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t bop around to it (yes, bop) when it comes on. I guess although it’s about a messy relationship, it’s sort of hopeful. That one day the two might just work out what pushes them apart and just be together. Even though I’m not sure how realistic that is, it’s a fun song to bounce around to.

In The Arms Of A Stranger ~ Mike Posner (Grey Remix)
A carefree song, it’s probably one of the more ‘light-hearted’ on the list. (I’m starting to see why people call my music ’emo’.) “I’m in the arms of a stranger, pretending it’s love.” Is just a really interesting and human sentiment. It’s about being with a stranger (funnily enough) and remembering someone else who meant something to you, and just being lost… I think it’s a song that sounds, through tempo and tune, to be kinda cheery, but at the same time it’s not, because it’s all about substituting a stranger for real love, which is pretty sad. So I suppose it’s not really that light-hearted at all…

The Way We Were ~ Carrie Hope Fletcher
Another nostalgia song I’m afraid. It’s about trying again to be friends after a break up, and not really knowing who you are without them. I think it talks about a relationship sort of doomed from the start, and it’s about unpicking what you were as a couple to try to be friends again, or at least salvage some sort of ‘friendship’. Also I think it’s about figuring out who you are on your own after being with someone a long time, which I likely imagine is difficult. I think it’s relatable in the sense that at one point in most peoples’ lives you’ll be in a relationship that ends, and is really hard to let go of what once was. Somehow it feels hopeful though. That things will get figured out, but knowing that doesn’t really make it any easier when it’s happening.

Looking back over my song choices I realise most of them are pretty sad, but I think music is one of the best ways to work though sad things. Plus personally I don’t see them as sad; more just as soft/gentle or easy to listen to. They are songs I will play so many times even my housemates probably know the words.

I’m listening to music with a bit more intent at the moment, as I’m trying to get ideas for the score of the short film I’m writing for uni. Just trying to figure out what I want my score to sound like. I’m trying to find songs about friend love, not romantic love, but for some reason there aren’t as many of those as I thought. So I’m still looking… If anyone has any ideas I am open to suggestions!


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