As you may have noticed, I’ve not written in a while. This is partly due to how busy I have been since I got home, and partly due to being unsure what to write. Though recently I’ve gone through a few revelations of different sorts, and I decided that was probably a good place to start…

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A Close Analysis of Dollhouse S2E1 Vows (Time:00:22:24-00:25:24)

A Close Analysis of Dollhouse S2E1 Vows (Time:00:22:24-00:25:24)

During the 2015-16 academic year I was able to take a film module that I am very passionate about. Its aim was to teach us to analyse television drama. For me the best part was that all the case studies were Joss Whedon TV shows. One of the assignments was to write a close analysis of a section from one episode, maximum of three minutes. I chose a section from my favourite scene, from my favourite TV show. I found out, after watching the episode again with commentary from Whedon himself, that it was also his favourite scene from the show.

I received some really helpful feedback on this assignment, so I’ve made a few adjustments from its original submission, and have expanded it from its original
1,250 word limit,
as here I have don’t have a specific word count.
Hopefully it’s a little better now.

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